Sunday, June 3, 2012

parenthesis-ku? / parantes-ku?

doing neti -
       (neti, neti, you know:
                not this, nor that)
ten or twenty swallows
circle the house

laver en neti -
          (neti, neti, du véd:
                  ikke dette, ikke hint)
ti eller tyve svaler flyver
rundt om huset


Neti: flushing your nose w salt water through a special jug. Yoga-practice.
Neti, Neti: a quote from the Upanishads meaning: not this nor that / not here nor there to the question of where lies the essence of things, God, or what is it, He.

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  1. Amazing, Mr Berg, that the Upanishads find a mention hereabouts ..