Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Parallels published

From the cover of "Parallels":

The publication of Johannes S. H. Bjerg's parallels marks a watershed in the history of the development of haiku related arts. He's created an entirely new form for the genre, one that plays like wind-chimes. The haiku do not restrict themselves to three lines and are arranged side by side, so that the poems can be read vertically (more literal) in two columns as two separate poems or horizontally (which gives another yet grafted meaning) and allows them to be read as one poem. The book contains some of the most moving poems I've read in the genre or in any genre or modern poetry, for that matter. Don't miss the opportunity to read this book. It will delight and amaze you, too.

Jack Galmitz, American renowned haijin and poet, critic and writer.

And the publisher writes:

Parallels is a unique take on English Language Haiku. The poems are formatted side by side leaving the reader a choice, to read the pieces as a complete poem or as fragments of poems, each adding to the other. On first read the book may appear as a surrealist work, but after careful study Bjerg's humanity shines through. A must for haiku lovers. A brilliant example of the evolution of short-verse.

It will be available through Amazon later this week.

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