Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[Tea w Patanjali / te m Patanjali]

Abt. 1500 years ago Patanjali wrote – or compiled - ”Yoga Sutras – how to know God”.

For ca. 1500 år siden skrev – eller samlede – Patanjali ”Yoga Sutras – hvorledes man lærer Gud at kende”.

tea with Patanjali -
the Patriarch bends to pry
a sutra from his shoe

te med Patanjali -
Patriarken bøjer sig for at lirke
en sutra ud af skoen


walking with Patanjali -
the Patriarch admits jealousy
towards his pet clouds

gåtur med Patanjali -
Patriarken tilstår sin jalousi
over hans kæle-skyer


hot dog stand -
Patanjali tells the Patriarch
the sutra for sweeting ketchup

pølsevogn -
Patanjali fortæller Patriarken
sutraen for sødere ketchup


neti, neti* -
Patanjali shows the Patriarch
the non-being of a hot-dog

neti, neti* -
Patanjali viser Patriarken
en hotdogs ikke-væren


tea with Patanjali -
the Patriarch fishes gunas
from the sugar

te med Patanjali -
Patriarke fisker gunaer op
af sukkeret


tea with Patanjali -
now he's present
now he's not

te med Patanjali -
nu er han her
nu er han her ikke


not this, not this - or - not this, nor that. A keyword from the Upanishads.

ikke det og ikke det - eller - ikke dette eller hint. Nøgleudtryk fra Upanishaderne.

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