Saturday, December 7, 2013

17 syllables / 17 stavelser

There's a ghost of elephant in the room, one long dead but still some hold it to be alive. They were told once it existed as something as stable as gravity but it died as the imaginary being it was and no one told them. The 17 syllable ghost. I invited it to dance with me. 

pouring coffee was there ever a winter's snow in St. Mary Mead

hælder kaffe op var det nogensinde vinter i St. Mary Mead


dark voiced instruments that's how a cosy Saturday's murder comes

instrumenter med mørke stemmer sådan starter lørdagens mord


by the beef counter (I just got paid) the comfort of London Calling

ved køddisken (har lige fået løn) tryghed ved London Calling


as Bing to my parents Clash to me and Suicide by Farfisa

som Bing for mine forældre Clash for mig Suicides Farfisa

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