Friday, April 12, 2013

clown / klovn - a surrenga

”clown” the commode drawers are quite bourgeois

”klovn” kommodeskufferne er temmelig borgerlige

looking up ”cat” under ”uncertain death” the Schrödinger's clown

kigger efter ”kat” under ”uvis død” Schrödingers klovn

by tea-time Alice falls as tealeaves form the ceiling

ved tetid falder Alice som teblade fra loftet

it rains upwards pavements are perfectly sweetened

det regner opad fortovene er perfekt sødede

a conclave of penguins votes for a canned clown as chairman

et konklave af pingviner stemmer for en dåseklovn som formand

underneath the purple boxers a tattoo of purple boxers

under de purpurfarvede boxershorts en tusch af purpurfarvede boxershorts

a sermon in Dada the clown abolishes the AHA-moment

en prædiken på Dada klovnen afskaffer AHA-øjeblikket

”more than meet the eye” birchpollen fills the air

”mere end man lige kan se” birkepollen fylder luften

”testiculos habet et bene pendentes” all the crickets cry

”testiculos habet et bene pendentes” skriger alle fårekyllingerne

the clown's brain go walkabout the dream trails never end

klovnens hjerne ta'r på walkabout drømmesporene ender aldrig

vintage pistols the lead clown dances the pogo

klassiske pistoler blyklovnen danser pogo

”testiculos habet et bene pendentes”
The Roman Church, according to legend, stipulated that anyone elected Pope should prove that his genitalia were intact. To this end a special chair was fashioned that had a horseshoe-shaped seat. The Pope to be would sit on the seat and the cardinals would pass by, checking the papal procession and proclaiming: ‘testiculos habet et bene pendentes’. A loose translation being: ‘testicles he has and well-hung ones’. 

A Surrenga consists of 11 one-liners and the links should strive to attain a surreal quality. The Surrenga may be done solo or with partners. It was created by Alexis K. Rotella on the 17 March 1997.

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